Miscellaneous stuff & photo’s

BEACH & BUSH RIDE – We snuck out today before it rained again. Road closures & windy beaches. The F3’s purred as usual.

SYDNEY MOTORCYCLE SHOW DONE & DUSTED – We just walked out, worn out feet, and talked ourselves hoarse. While Initially we had a few hiccups occur and for those effected you have my sincere apologies. BRP do have a passionate team, but sometimes mistakes happen & lessons were learnt.

Saturday and Sunday were amazing, people were fascinated by the Spyder, it was a huge response. We learned a few things ourselves. Sitting at Darling Harbour now enjoying a drink or five.

HERE WE COME SYDNEY MOTORCYLE SHOW – Catrina & I are excited to be manning the BRP Can-Am Spyder display. Come on in for a chat, we’d luv to see you. Bonus for me, it will keep Catrina’s mind off boot shopping.

Now that's a cafe

Northern Victoria Spyder Ryders (NVSR) hosted an awesome Spyder lunch down south in Shepparton Vic. More photos to follows, now everyone eat more cake 😜 Sep 2017

DONE & DUSTED - Spyder Olympics is over for another year. Despite the threatening rain a good crowd turned up & enjoyed the shenanigans. 14 Oct 2018

Spyder Olympics Boonah T-Shirt, modelled by Catrina 14 Oct 2017

SORRY - I was a bit late putting this photo out there. Recent BRP 'Open Day' in Sydney. I don't think we got everyone, a few were still gas bagging inside with the Spyder tech. 17 Apr 17

CATRINA HOGGED IT - Trini put about 2500 k's on this 2017 F3 Limited. Something tells me she was having too much fun. Anyway, back to the dealer you go our silver friend. Fingers crossed this model will be hitting our Aussie shores soon. 13 Apr 17

HEADING HOME - Forgot how beautiful the NSW South Coast is. BRP Open Day was a great success, 57.5 Spyders, 72 people turned out. For those still heading home...be safe. 11 Apr 17

Did some mods on Catrina's Can-Am Spyder F3-S today. Bigger brake pedal, a few stick on graphics and a permanent power supply for mobile phone GPS. Took no time at all. Only question remains, what about my bike? 26 Mar 17

OUR DAY OUT - Started off at Macca's for brekky, but someone was doing crack 6 feet from us (see photo). Found wet weather gear for our the Sydney BRP HQ Open Day ride down from Qld. We also found a Spyder F3 in Brissy tricked out. If interested it is $22,500 drive away as is. Accessories valued about $3000. I want that exhaust. Mar 17

Spyder Bike Night - The weather stayed away & a good night followed. Thanks to Ross & Di, Brisbane Can-Am Zillmere for the tasty food & generous giveaways. Thanks to the Spyder folks who turned up, especially the ones who braved the traffic. 3 Mar 17

SHARKTOOTH HELMET COMMS - Our first set, we needed to practice. Pairing wasn't easy, I think it was more me than the product. Nailed our first simulated ride, I can hear Catrina crystal clear...damn it. 22 Feb 17

RIDING QUEENSLAND STYLE - Up 4.30am, out the door by 5. Up Bellthorpe Range Road, back round to Woodford & back to Maleny for brekky, home by 11 before you fry. Best fun you'll have with ya pants on. Gave the F3 a pizzling around the mountains, luv these machines. If I was immature I would have raced with the two wheeler in front, what the hell, call me immature & I won so there. Catrina's gone back to bed 😀 A great morning was had.

OUR FIRST VENTURE - Into helmet comms. Only now that Catrina & I both have Spyders we thought we'd give it a go. Fingers crossed we made the right choice. Now Catrina can talk to me all the time....yay. Feb 2017

MAN WAS IT HOT YESTERDAY - What a handsome Spyder crew. It started out nice and cool at 6am, but soon turned 'Naasty Hot' by 8am. I'd killed for some cool weather riding. Feb 2017

LEARNER SPYDER LICENCE - Catrina passed her Q-Ride Training & Competency course today. Learners application to 3 wheel MC licence was 12 months. National legislation exists for this to legally happen in some instances. Assessment & training is best from a trainer prepared to do one on one. For a 'how to' document please message me. To explain on Facebook is too involved. Feb 2017

WHAT A STINKER- Last ride of 2016 yesterday. High temps are nothing new, but never have I experienced such hot dry air. One of our party became ill. We laid up in the cafe at Somerset Dam & waited for the sun to go down, then headed home. Jan 2017

All the best to everyone. Happy Aussie Day. Be safe

CRIKEY - A Spyder at Australia Zoo. First discovered in Canada, this beast grew bigger & stronger, becoming prolific throughout the world in places as far flung as Australia. Missouri USA report plague proportions during the breeding cycle in April where the species seek out ideal conditions to gather. Numbers are put at 100,000 and there is no known way to abate their spread. Unconfirmed reports Mexico was another breeding hotspot, but the environment proved hostile.

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly. Be safe over the holidays to start a new Spyder year in 2017. Christmas hugs to all from myself & Catrina

POSTMAN BROUGHT MORE GOODIES - I'm not a big light bling fan for the Spyder, but this set caught my eye. Compact wiring, tidy, easy instal & an almost endless option for lighting configurations for effect. Now... just for that easy instal I mentioned, is it the red wire connected to the blue wire 😜😜😜 Dec 2016

Out by 7 in my 11, coffee, chat, speed. Is there more? - Where's Catrina, weelllll...she abandoned me for a girls weekend in Melbourne. Nov 2016

Phil Vella sent me this photo. He is having a great time on the 'Black Dog Ride'. I think this is Normanton Qld. Aug 16


Pam & Rob from Mexico dropped in to SpyderMates HQ for a few days. Also Gordo & Ann popped in with Elmo & Cookie Monster F3’s…how embarrassing

f31 copy

Adrian dropped in to SpyderMates HQ today. Some folks are just too clever. Not a bad setup. Adrian said, fully loaded he is just under the recommended capacity for towing with a Can-Am Spyder RT. He also said he still has horse s*&%^ under the guards from his recent trip to Longreach…thanks for sharing. Aug 2016


Mmmm...which one looks better, the bike, Trini, bike, Trini...I'm torn.


Caught up with Pete, a Spyder enthusiast all the way from Katherine in the Northern Territory. That's what a Spyder life is all about. Who's been to Rick's Garage? great place. 13 Jul 16

8 copy

VERDICT - Took the F3-T back to the dealer yesterday (4 Jul16). We had an enjoyable 400 klms on the bike. If you want the feel of a F3 and still have the luxury of a bit more storage the F3-T does that. It is great hybrid between a RT & F3. We will complete the video review in a few days. Thanks again to Brisbane Seadoo & Can-Am Zillmere for the loaner.

Somerset7 copy

MINE - for the next 3 days. Sunshine Coast Hinterland here I come. Been looking forward in doing this review ride for weeks, now it's here. (1 Jul 16)


Catrina complaining I take too long to take a photo. 26 Jun 16


The people you meet in country Cafes. Surprisingly...NOT, that morphed in pizza & beer on home turf. It was so lovely to catch up. I think those impromptu days are the best.


Catrina was satisfying her inner speed demon today at Norwell raceway with three hot laps in a Lotus. What did I do, sat there & sulked, no ride for me 🙁 (May 16)