A great Sunday day out in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Qld

Just before heading off to Spyderfest in the US

AMAZING TURNOUT – Expectations blown out of the water at BOONAH, please consider all that attended heartily thanked. We all achieved something special yesterday. A Can-Am Spyder record, the largest interest shown ever for a single day community event held in Australia. 71 Spyders, 11 two wheelers, 2 sidecars, one trike, 7 cars and I lost count of the people & employing extra staff the Dugandan Hotel kitchen punched out 168 meals.

This isn’t a technical jargon full review, it is a bit light hearted. More aimed at a lifestyle perspective and the fun you can have on one of these models. See Catrina’s scientific storage review & the BLOOPERS at the end…I never could ever be called ‘One-Take Mike. Hope you like it, we certainly had fun doing it.

SPYDERKHANA & RIDE VIDEO – Woodford Qld Ride & SpyderKhana held on Saturday the 16th of April. Be sure to pay attention to the 1 min 49 sec mark. We were surprised to get 37 Spyders there for just a one day ride & lunch event. It turned out to be a great day. 

DISASTER – Ulysses AGM 2016 stand set up video. Bloody wind caught the awning (see 14 sec mark) & snapped two poles. Jerry-rigged now should last…I hope. Back tomorrow to shine everything, then all starts Monday, stop in for a chat. Catrina will probably have wine.

Fun in the US

More fun in the US at Spyderfest