Aussie Motorcycle News – did an article on the new 2018 Can-Am Spyder dash configurations back in Sep 2017, worth the read.

This is the 10th Anniversary F3-T model, due in Australia in 2018. Catrina & I were lucky enough to get up close & personal in Canada during the Homecoming Celebration. Jun 17

Not everyone’s cup of tea. But I like it, wouldn’t have it though. Mike the owner was at our recent Spyder Olympics in Boonah. 14 Oct 17

We got to have a sit on this in Canada as well.

Catrina picking up this silver F3 Limited to ride to Sydney & back from Brisbane. This was an advance media unit use for display at the Sydney BRP Open Day. It was hard to give this back. Apr 17


New Akrapovic exhaust on the the 2017 F3 Limited. Looks cool. Not sure if it is standard or an accessory.

f3 photo

New 2017 F3 Limited with new Top Case.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.32.19 PM

Nice Looking Tyre – Aug 16


New 2016 F3 non-detachable saddlebags, they hold about 25 liters. Review at: http://ridermagazine.com/road-tests/2016-can-am-spyder-f3-limited-road-test-review.htm/


Guess who just got a new F3…nice ride Julia. Julia is keen to catch up with other Spyder Ryders around Perth…drop her message. Julia Dalrymple


Guess who was playing on the demo ‘Triple Black’ today, while sporting a damn fine SpyderFest T-shirt. I had a bit of a squirt myself, fantastic. Not sure whether you’re buying a Thrill, Lifestyle or a bike. Probably all three hand in hand.


Two 2016 Triple Blacks being prepared today (8 Jan 16) by Brisbane Can-Am & Seadoo Zillmere for the SpyderMates.com stable. We will be out & about soon showing these mean machines off. ‪


Congrats Jim & Betty from Tasmania. Looks great in the Sunshine. Derek you look good in the Sunshine too.


Spyder friend who just took delivery of his fully option F3 Spyder has almost completed the build to carry his wheelchair. Very clever & looks good to boot. I believe there is a bit of tweaking remaining. Now the long, long wait on parts (scarce) to get the foot brake converted to the handle bars. What a killer, brand new F3, but can’t ride it as yet. 3 Jan 2016


Allan from the Sunshine Coast picked his new fully optioned up F3 Spyder (17 Dec 15)


Quote from Gordo on the Sunshine Coast. “Picked up my early Birthday present. OMG Mike Hatton what a toy and yes already found stability system and OMG grinning from ear to ear all the way up Mount Nebo. Just so happy”.


Woohoo…that was us amongst the beautiful Tasmanian countryside. I’d recommend their bike roads & scenery any day. 13 Oct 15


Catrina between the 2 F3’s we rode back to Brissy from the Sydney F3 launch. This was at Taree, one of our overnight stops. It was such a fun trip