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IS THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG – Maybe…this turned up on the internet overnight. Nice insight, but will the final product be similar, suspension, wheels, engine still under wraps…time will tell.

Recent Renmark SA Ulysses Saturday Grand Parade. In amongst there were about 45 Can-Am Spyders. The Spyder is increasing in numbers each year. $7 million dollars was injected into the local SA economy.
Photo Credit: Murray Pioneer Newspaper — at Renmark, Riverland.

This is a US article. An interesting read, a little long winded though. It discusses the two & three wheeled MC and its place in the industry. Click link:

AUSSIE SPYDER AMBASSADORS – Catrina & I are excited and grateful to be chosen as the official Can-Am Spyder Ambassador couple for Australia. We appreciate the support of the Spyder community and look forward to the future ahead. Downside…my girl now wants me to address her as ‘Lady Catrina’…damn.

The question has been debated among riders ever since the first Can-Am Spyder rolled off the assembly line in 2007: is the Spyder a motorcycle? See article via this link:

2018 Updates to the Can-Am Spyder Lineup. Check out the Smart Phone Connectivity:

PROJECT S CAN-AM SPYDER – An entry level Can-Am Spyder is coming. Price point under $10,000 USD, to be launched in Sep 2018. Currently, that’s about $12,600 Aussie dollars. BRP are looking at this as a game changer for the 3 wheel market. Configuration will be most interesting.

NOTICE SENTIMENT IN THE LAST SENTENCE – The driver of a three-wheeled motorcycle (Spring Hill USA) in the below picture is lucky to be alive after he was crushed between two vehicles in a crash on Deltona Blvd. Around 1:30 p.m. Fire Rescue responded to the intersection of Deltona Blvd and Abeline Road, where they discovered the nearly unrecognizable motorcycle and feared the worst. Surprisingly, the driver barely had a scratch and was up walking around after the collision. The driver told RNRF that he was propelled on top of the SUV and believes the size of the bike probably saved his life. Mar 17

BRP have just launched their exclusive Australian & New Zealand Facebook Can-Am Spyder page. Link:  And yes I know it’s upside down 🙂


How cool is that

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See video:   As of late 2016, TT Plans were cancelled


F3 Rider hit from behind in the US. Rider bruised with broken pelvis, glad he is otherwise OK. Reminder to watch behind when you’re stopped. 

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Sent to me by Col C from Caboolture…thanks Col. Police have withdrawn a fine against a Victorian rider for having a tinted visor, prompting a call for all riders who have been fined for tinted visors or cameras on their helmets to immediately ask for their fine to be withdrawn. Read full story at:


We come in at No 8. For the motorcyclist who has everything – except, of course the desire or (god forbid) ability to push around a touring motorcycle – the Can-Am Spyder RT Limited is a machine of another mother altogether. Clink here for full story…this is a year or two old I think –

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I suppose this could be described as an ‘Interest Item’. My new best friend ‘Jean Dubeau’ wrote this in the sand at Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. Hey…what can I say, SpyderMates gets around. Luv it…thanks Jean.