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Ray Parker is EarMold Australia’s agent in the North Brisbane area. You can phone him on 0411 707 767. See their website for an agent near you:

Check out the review on the AirHawk MC seats: See via link:

Check out these F3 tank protectors. I ordered a couple for Catrina & myself. Lots of colour combo’s. Link:

The BRP F3 Idler Wheel Kit has just been released in the US. It’s a BRP device sold for belt vibration at higher speeds and only for the F3’s. (PN 219800412)

If anybody is so inclined, these Shark Raw helmets were $380 about 18 months ago, now can be purchased for $249. Not a bad helmet, they do have some quirks, which may not suit everyone. From an aesthetic view, they are a very cool looking helmet. Most retailers can get them in.


Not sure I like this or not, I’d have to see it in person. Anyway here is the U.S. link:


Easy to setup, easy to break down and easy to transport, the Rocky Creek Designs Bikerz Chair is ideal for your trips away when you want a little extra luxury.  Never used one myself. Due diligence required on your part.


This mirror gives you a 180 degree view and mounts to the windscreen (any model) or the RT’s dash. Can be purchased through Martin – Inc GST $125. It comes with an adjustable and versitile mounting system.