RT – Best Tourer In The Spyder Stable1442323580993


The new Spyder Limited Dark Editions look so good! Adventure season is here!

Spyder RT 10 Year 2018 Anniversary model

Somebody has been mixing & matching these RT’s. Do you like the combo’s. Yellow & black isn’t too bad. Mar 17


Would you buy this colour. I like all the colours as long as it’s black. Can’t beat the RT for comfy touring, especially two up. Luv to see this colour up close, it has a sort off sophisticated appeal…I don’t mind it.


2016 Spyder RT-S Special Series Monolith Black. Badass looking touring bike. Triple Black appearance package. Check out the link if curious: http://can-am.brp.com/spyder/spyder/touring/spyder-rt-s-special-series.html 27 Nov 15


Gregg Faulkner – Status Update for Space-Time Spider +7 Ive survived the first 7 days on 3 wheels, though not without a few anxious moments. After 3 years riding The Thug (Honda VFR1200), the Canam Spyder is certainly D I F F E R E N T.


Gregg Faulkner – The flight engineer approves of his new quarters. Demands goggles.